Unusual Uses of a Plasma Cutter

How Plasma Cutters Work

These machines send an arc of electric current via a high-speed stream of inert gas, which is usually compressed arid. The arc then ionizes the gas molecules and turns some of it into plasma which is hot enough to cut through metal. High-quality plasma cutters are used for various applications, some of which would be discussed in the next section. To know more about the best plasma cutters on the market today, visit the weldingchamps website.


Common Uses of a Plasma Cutter


A plasma cutter is usually used to repair fenders, mufflers, trailer hitches, and quarter panels. Farmers also use the device to fix harvesters, implements, tractors, fencing, and watering tanks.

The machine can also cut pipes with ease, making them useful in the plumbing industry. Plasma cutters are unlike standard cutters that waste both resources and time just to cut the ends of a tube. The former can produce smooth edges in less time.

A plasma cutter is also used in recycling and demolition. They can make quick work of blocks, metal sheets, and metallic pipes during demolition. They are also less messy compared to other methods which can produce lots of debris. Because of these advantages, a plasma cutter is also useful and convenient in the recycling industry.

Unconventional Uses of a Plasma Cutter


However, plasma cutters aren’t used for those purposes only. It can also be used to create metal art. These devices enable artists to cut out complicated and detailed patterns and shapes. Thanks to the accuracy of plasma cutters, working on intricate shapes is possible and easy. Plasma cutters cut along finely drawn lines with no excess heat that could warp thin metals. Because of this, a plasma cutter is in-demand among artists who make stencils or templates for other artwork uses.

Motorcycle and car enthusiasts or builders also use plasma cutters for personal and business use, creating metal enhancements for vehicles with this intelligent technology. It may be unusual to use a plasma cutter to design your car, but as long as it works, why not?

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