What to Do in Case of Alien Invasion

It may seem impossible for some, but alien invasion could happen anytime without giving us a hint. So, it’s best to know what to do in case one occurs!


Prepare the right tools.

Just as you would prepare yourself for a natural disaster by preparing ten tools (read http://prepperswill.com/natural-disaster-preparedness-10-tools-that-will-save-your-life/), you also need to prepare tools in case there’s an alien attack. And when I say tools, I’m referring to the most badass weapons you have. If you have guns, battery-powered saws, drills, and other powerful handyman tools that can help you survive, then you must not forget to bring them. Go for stuff that can cause a lot of damage to their bodies. Be prepared to use cutters and more. Don’t forget to bring food, water, clothes, flashlight, and other essentials too. And if you have a gun, remember to bring extra ammo.

Don’t go near their ships.

ufo-alienDon’t ever go for exploration during an alien invasion. It may be your last adventure if you try to visit their spaceship or go near crash sites. Don’t go too far. We don’t know where they come from, and in case an alien attack happens, we’ll probably also be clueless about their intention and their history. So, it’s best to stay out of their comfort zone. They could be highly toxic for goodness’ sake. Don’t be curious. Remember, curiosity killed the cat.

Find a good place to hide.

You should also make sure you and your family are safe. Look for a place where it’s almost impossible to find you. But make sure you don’t cause any commotion when you move from one location to another. Don’t let them catch you, and don’t allow them to detect your movements. Be careful when you use vehicles. And if you must move, do so at night.

Ask help from the right people.

You should also try to contact people in the military. It’s a wise decision. Don’t go running around asking for help from your neighbors once you see aliens, they may not be able to help you, and you’ll be an easy target because you’re noisy. People in the military train for such weird events and unexpected happenings, so they’re the right people to seek help from. Plus, asking them for help won’t be useless.

Take down their ship.


When all else have failed, and it’s a do or die situation, then get your band together and head out to the alien’s mother ship. It may not be the wisest thing to do, but it’s the last resort. Make plans on how you can kick their asses and survive at the end of the day. Go for a logical attack and ask help from as many individuals as you can—you’ll need all the help you need. Take down their ship and take back earth.

Unique Pool Cleaners You Wouldn’t Think Were Pool Cleaners

Looking for something strange and out of the ordinary for cleaning your indoor swimpool? Check out these pool cleaners!

Zodiac G3

Also known as the Baracuda G3, this suction pool cleaner from Zodiac is perfect for low-speed pumps. The G3 offers efficient cleaning performance that will make you love it even more aside from its one-of-a-kind appearance.

The G3 sucks up small to medium debris while it cleans the floor, steps, and walls. It’s durable, ideal for all pool surfaces, and is scuff-resistant.

Setting it up is easy as pie! You only have to attach the hose, disc, wheel deflector, and connect the cleaner to the skimmer. It has a reliable, long-lasting diaphragm, a 36-fin disc, and a patented quick-release cassette that makes it easy for you to maintain the cleaner. It may look strange, but if it works, then it’s fine.

Hayward’s Above-Ground Pool Cleaners


Coming in different models—Penguin, AquaBug, Wanda the Whale, and Aqua Ray—Hayward’s pool cleaners could be mistaken for toys! They look cute, but the most significant thing about them is that they can clean your pool! They’re great at what they do. These above-ground pool cleaners are affordable and feature an exclusive SmartDrive® programmed steering which enables them to clean quicker and more thoroughly compared to other cleaners. Their unique turbine system allows them to gently move across your pool, regardless of its size and shape. They even operate quietly!

‘Lil Shark

If Hayward has a bug, penguin, and a whale as pool cleaners, Sta-Rite has a little shark! This cleaner comes at a reasonable price and a patented vortex design which only proves that it’s worth looking into if you wish to find unusual things. It’s dependable, easy to maintain, and can be installed in minutes. It automatically operates whenever your pool pump is running. It can vacuum, scrub, and scoop all kinds of debris.

Polaris 165

The weird shape of the Polaris 165 makes it look like a spaceship in your pool. This cleaner is one of the best in-ground pool cleaners out there. It can work with fiberglass and vinyl surfaces. It can be set up in a short time. It also features a patented jet sweep assembly which blows water against your pool wall to loosen debris in spots that are difficult to reach. It also has a filter bag that’s easy to take out and clean. Its unique filter extends the life of your pool’s filtration system.

Solar-Breeze NX2


This cleaner looks more like a food tray than a pool cleaner. Its rear paddle supplies power through the water as the front paddle inhales the debris and gathers it into a collection chamber. The Solar-Breeze NX2 has an extremely fine nylon mesh, enabling it to prevent 90 to 95 percent of debris and dust from re-entering the pool. It features a removable debris tray that filters fine materials; an easy-to-access, built-in chemical dispenser to make it easy for you to sanitize your pool water; and intelligent software and learning artificial intelligence (both solar powered). Not only does this cleaner look special, but it can even lessen your energy consumption, allowing you to save money and electricity!

Taking all these into account, we can say that sometimes weird things are good too, especially if we’re talking about the pool cleaners above.

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