5 of the Strangest Festivals from Around the World

Camel Wrestling Festival
Camel Wrestling Festival – January
Where: Selcuk, Turkey
Highlights: Camel Wrestling is an event where two Tulus or male camel wrestlers battle it. The event traces its roots to the camel fighting ancient Turkic tribes practiced.


Busójárás – March
Where: Mohács, Hungary
Highlights: Dating back to the 18th century, the Busó Festival is a masked end-of-winter festival. Participants dressed up as busós or scary-looking devils take part in various activities including the burning of a coffin that symbolizes winter.


Kanamara Matsuri
Kanamara Matsuri – April
Where: Kanayama Shrine, Kawasaki, Japan
Highlights: Also known as the Festival of Fertility or the Penis Festival, Kanamara Matsuri is a phallic-themed festival. Expect phallus-shaped effigies, candies, and other memorabilia.


Boryeong Mud Festival
Boryeong Mud Festival – July
Boryeong, South Korea
Highlights: The Mud Festival or Mudfest is one of South Korea’s most popular festivals with many visitors from neighboring countries and around the world taking part. Held at the Daecheon Beach in Boryeong, the event features a lot of mud-related activities and spectacles like mud baths, mud slides, mud swimming pool, and more.


Wife Carrying World Championships
Wife Carrying World Championships – July
Where: Sonkajärvi, Finland
Highlights: As the name suggests, the Wife Carrying World Championships is an event where participants carry their wives on their backs as they set out to race through a specially-designed course. The winner gets the wife’s weight worth in beer.