Four of the Weirdest Theme Parks from Around the World

If you are a fan of theme parks but would like to see and experience something out of the ordinary, here are some of your best bets.

1. Crocosaurus Cove (Darwin, Australia)

What to expect: Two words: saltwater crocodiles. If you want to see them up-close, visit the Crocosaurus Cove where you can touch baby crocodiles, feed some of the adults if you dare, and spend over 10 minutes inside the death tank submerged in a place where massive and terrifying crocs swim around.

2. Hacienda Nápoles (Puerto Triunfo, Colombia)

What to expect: Notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s former ranch now serves as a theme park showcasing the estate’s various attractions. Some of the things you will find include a private airstrip, artificial lakes, and a wide array of animals include elephants, hippos, and zebras among others.

3. Parque EcoAlberto (El Aberto, Mexico)

What to expect: Set in the rugged countryside, visitors can immerse into the experience of trying to cross the Mexican and American border sans the border itself. The journey entails a four-hour trek into varied terrains and obstacles including trenches all with the goal of avoiding being “caught” by border agents.

Soviet Bunker (Vilnius, Lithuania)

What to expect: The Soviet Bunker offers an immersive experience that transports you back to Communist-occupied Lithuania. Its top attractions include the 1984 Survival drama that allows visitors to get a taste of life under the Soviet rule. Find out how it feels to wear a gas mask, eat a Soviet snack, and see reconstructed rooms like Lenin propaganda rooms and more.